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XLS Medical Fat Binder  30 Tablets

XLS Medical Fat Binder 30 Tablets

Zantac 75 Indigestion 48 Tablets

Zantac 75 Indigestion 48 Tablets

Zantac 75 Indigestion 24 Tablets

Zantac 75 Long lasting relief from Indigestion and Heartburn. One tablet calms and subdues excess stomach acid for up to 12 hours.
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Zantac 75 Long lasting relief from Indigestion and Heartburn. One tablet calms and subdues excess stomach acid for up to 12 hours.

What your tablets do :

The stomach contains hydrochloric acid which helps you digest your food. Sometimes your stomach produces too much acid. This excess acid can lead to the conditions known as indigestion and heartburn. Traditional antacid remedies contain ingredients which merely neutralise this acid. Their effect is short lived and you may need to take them regularly to keep your symptoms at bay. Zantac75 tablets are a completely different way of treating the problems of indigestion and heartburn. Instead of just neutralising the excess acid, they work on the root cause of the problem by preventing your stomach from producing too much acid in the first place. One Zantac 75 tablet gets to work fast and can control excess acid for up to 12 hours, to bring you long lasting relief

More Information
More Information

Before you take your tablets :

Please get your pharmacist or doctor's advise before taking these tablets.

If you are allergic to ranitidine or any of the ingredients of Zantac 75.

If you have been told you have a peptic ulcer ("stomach" or "duodenal"), orsistent stomach pain or unintended weight loss, or you are middle-aged or older with new or recently changed indigestion symptoms - as you may have a medical condition that needs different treatment.

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breast-feeding

If you have kidney or liver problems

If you have been told that you need a "pacemaker" or have been told you have an unusually slow heart rate

If you suffer from a rare condition called porphyria

If you have unintended weight loss associated with indigestion

If you are middle aged or older and have dyspeptic symptoms for the first time or symptoms that have recently changed

If you have any other illness, are taking any medicines either prescribed by your doctor or brought from your pharmacist or elsewhere, or are seeing a doctor regularly.

What to do if you take too many tablets :

As with all medicines if you take more tablets than recommended, you should contact your doctor.

After starting your tablets :

If your symptoms get worse or are no better in two weeks, then consult your doctor.

Side Effects :

Most people taking Zantack 75 tablets find they cause them no problems.

At higher dosage levels, headaches, dizziness, confusion, depression and hallucinations in the severely ill and elderly have been reported rarely.

Other side effects reported even more rarely, include :

* Aches and pains in muscles and joints

* Pancreatitis

* Jaundice (yellow skin)

* Slow or irregular heart beat

* Breast tenderness and/or enlarged breasts in men

Unusual tiredness, shortness of breath or tendency for infections or bruising have been reported very rarely and is associated with upsets to 'blood counts'

As with all medicines, some people may be allergic to them but this is very rare with Zantac 75 tablets. If you notice a sudden wheeziness or tightness in the chest, skin rash, swelling of eyelids, face or lips, you may be allergic to this medicine.

If you feel unwell or have any unusual symptoms you do not understand, stop the tablets and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Where to keep your tablets :

As with all medicines, keep them out of the reach of children

Do not take the tablets after the expiry date shown on the carton and tablet blister pack

How can I avoid indigestion and heartburn?

Heartburn and indigestion can be brought on by :

* Over-eating

* Poor diet (too much fatty food)

* Being overweight

Adults Iincluding the elderly) and Children 16 years of age and older :

Swallow one Zantac 75 tablet whole, with a drink of water, as soon as you have symptoms.

If symptoms continue for more than one hour or come back, take another tablet, but do not take more than four tablets in 24 hours.

Children under 16 years :

Zantac 75 tablets are not recommended for children under 16 years of age.

Do not take for more than two weeks continuously.


Each pink five-sided tablet contains the active ingredient Ranitidine (as hydrochloride) 75mg

Ranitidine belongs to a group of medicines called 'H

Is Prescription Drug No
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