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Medicare Bunion Protectors (4 Pack)

Medicare Bunion Protectors (4 Pack)

Carnation Corn Pads Round 12 Pads

Carnation Corn Pads Round 12 Pads

Salactol Collodion - 10ml

Wart paint for the treatment and removal of warts, verrucas, corns and calluses.
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Wart paint for the treatment and removal of warts, verrucas, corns and calluses. Suitable for use by adults, children and the elderly.
More Information
More Information

Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Please read the accompanying instructions carefully before using this product.
Only use this product as intended, in the event of misuse, seek medical advice.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, cuts and grazes.
Not to be used on or near the face, armpits, breasts, anal or genital regions.
Do not inhale the vapour.
Do not use on damaged or irritated skin.
Not to be used on moles or other skin lesions, birthmaks, warts with hairs growing from them or any other spots.
Avoid contact with clothing, fabric and plastics.

Use as directed by a a doctor or pharmacist.
Soak the affected area in warm water for 2-3 minutes.
Dry the area thoroughly using your own towel.
Using an emery or pumice stone gently rub awat loose skin from the surface of the wart or verruca.
Apply a few drops to the affected area, allowing each drop to dry before the next one is applied.
Take care to avoid spreading onto surrounding normal skin.
There is no need to cover ith with a plaster, unless the area is on the sole of the foot.
Repeat everyday until the wart or verruca disappears.

Close cap firmly after use.
Flammable; keep away from fire, ensure that the bottle is capped tightly and stored upright.
Store below 25ºC.
Use within 3 months of first opening.


Salicylic Acid 16.7% w/w
Lactic Acid 16.7% w/w

Is Prescription Drug No
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