L'Oreal Excellence Natural Black 2

L'Oreal Excellence Creme 2 Black

L'Oreal Excellence Sun-Kissed Auburn 5.32

L'Oreal Excellence Creme 5.32 Sun-Kissed Auburn

L'Oreal Excellence Creme 9.31 Light Beige Blonde

L'Oreal Excellence Creme 9.31 is suitable for use on any shade between light blonde and black.
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L'Oreal Excellence Creme 9.31 Light Beige Blonde leaves your hair dazzlingly shiny, soft and silky. And it'll be healthy underneath that gorgeous new colour, too!

This permanent hair dye combines Triple-Care Creme - for hair health and strength - with a range of subtle tones blended together to create a truly natural look.

As you might expect, colour results vary somewhat depending on your original shade, so please check the back of the product box for illustrations of what your hair might look like.

If you're undecided between two shades, the manufacturer recommends that you choose the lighter of your options.

More Information
More Information
directions Please read and follow the instructions included with the product and on the packaging.

Colouring hair can be dangerous if you do not follow the safety instructions that are included with this pack.

You must take an allergy test before you apply this product. Advice on this can be found at the becoloursafe website

ingredients This product's Colouring Creme contains phenylenediamines, resorcinol and ammonia.

The Developer in the product contains hydrogen peroxide.

For full ingredients, please see side of pack.
Is Prescription Drug No
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