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Numark Hayfever Relief 50 Microgram Nasal Spray 200 Doses

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After-Bite Classic Handy Pen 14ml

Handy Pen for your bag or pocket

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After-Bite Classic - Soothes and cares for the skin in case of insect bites & stings.

Mosquitoes - horse flies - wasps - bees - nettles - jellyfish.

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More Information

Shake well before use.  For use on adults and children over three years old.  Using a circular action, rub the affected area with the applicator as soon as possible after the bite.  Prompt use gives the best results.  Do not bandage or cover until dry.  If itching persists or recurs repeat the application.  Replace the cap after each use.

Do not use the After Bite if you  have a known sensitivity to ammonia.   Avoid contact with the eyes and the mouth.  If this should occur rinse well with water.  If rash, redness, irritation, swelling or pain increases or worsens after application, discontinue use and seek medical advice.  In case of accidental ingestion do not induce vomiting.  Drink mil and citrus juices and consult a doctor.  Contains Ammonia

Keep out of each and sight of children.  If you suffer any uinwanted effects contact your doctor or your pharmacist


Aqua, Sodium bicarbonate, Ammonia, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cychlohexasiloxane


Best used within 12 months after opening.

Is Prescription Drug No
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