Savlon Hydrocolloid Dressings 5 Dressings

Savlon Hydrocolloid Dressings 5 Dressings

Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover

Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover

Savlon Alginate Dressings 5

Hypoallergenic and latex free.Contains 5 Sterile Alginate Dressings
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Healing and Protecting.Sterile. Absorbent for lightly weeping or bleeding wounds. Helps prevent scarring.

Promotes faster healing. Reduces pain. Advancing First Aid. A clear flexible dressing with an alginate pad to help control bleeding from wounds.

Helps Prevent Scarring - The dressing prevents the wound from drying out, this means the wound heals quicker than if a scab were allowed to form, and no scab means less likelihood or scarring.

Promotes Faster Healing - By keeping the wound moist the dressing provides the optimum conditions for healing.

Helps - The dressings help ensure your wound heals as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of pain.

Effective - these dressings have been designed to be comfortable, flexible and provide an effective barrier against bacteria, dirt and water.

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Directions for use: Do not use on an infected wound unless recommended by your doctor. Apply before a scab has formed. Wash hands before and after dressing a wound. Clean the wound with an antiseptic liquid, antiseptic wound wash or water. Gently dry.

To Apply the Dressing: Remove the backing papers from the dressing. Place the dressing, ensuring the island covers the entire wound and press gently. Remove plastic backing by lifting at the middle of the blue strip, pull one side away and then the other. Press firmly at the edges. For best results the dressing should stay in place for 3-7 days.

To Remove the Dressing: Lift the edge of the dressing farthest away from you and stretch it towards you.

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