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Niquitin CQ Clear  - 7 Day Pack Step 1 - 21mg 7 Patches

NiQuitin Clear 21mg Step 1 - 7 Patches

Niquitin Strips 2.5mg Mint 15 Strips

Niquitin Strips 2.5mg Mint 15 Strips

Niquitin Strips 2.5 mg 60 Strips

Pick up your 60 Pack of Niquitin Strips 2.5mg and make quitting smoking less of a battle.
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Designed for use by smokers who don’t have their first cigarette of the day until more than half an hour after they wake, these Niquitin Strips are discreet and effective.

You can use Niquitin Strips for up to twelve weeks after going smoke-free, gradually reducing the frequency with which you take them as your cravings subside.

Minty-fresh and fast-acting, these oral nicotine films dissolve under the tongue rapidly to start providing you with relief from cravings in less than a minute.

More Information
More Information
directions Stopping smoking for short periods of time (adults 18 years and over): use Niquitin Strips instead of a cigarette when you have an urge to smoke. Use Niquitin strips every 1-2 hours.
ingredients Each oral film contains 2.5mg nicotine. Also includes Methacrylic Acid- Ethyl Acrylate Copolymer (1:1) Type A, Triethyl Citrate (E 1505), Peppermint Flavour TAK- 032230, Sucralose (E 955), Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (E 500 i), Ethanol. This product contains small amounts of ethanol (alcohol). Less than 100 mg per film. See leaflet for further information.
Is Prescription Drug No
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