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MAM Steriliser and Travel Box

MAM 12+ months Soothers & Steriliser Box

MAM Welcome to the World Set - Unisex

MAM Welcome to the World Set - Unisex

MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser BPA Free

Sterilises in 5 minutes and holds up to 6 MAM bottles
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Sterilises in 5 minutes and holds up to 6 MAM bottles.

2 x 160ml self sterilising Anti Colic bottles with slow flow teats.
1 x start soother.
1 x teat tongs.
Can be used as a cold water steriliser.
Stays sterile for 24 hours if left unopened.
Lid has been designed so it can be used as a draining rack. Large capacity with 2 levels.
BPA free.
EAN: 9001616084119.

More Information
More Information

The MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser is super fast and easy to use. Simply pour in some water, load in the microwave and it sterilises in only 5 minutes. The exact length of cycle will depend on the wattage of your microwave: 5 minutes at 1100W-2500W, 6 minutes at 850W-1000W, 8 minutes at 500W-800W.

Hazards and Cautions
Warning: Never pour boiling water into the bottle. Place in a bottle warmer, under hot running water or in a container of water. Never heat or cool a sealed bottle. Remove the protective cap and teat before heating, especially before microwave heating. Do not overheat.. Stir thoroughly after heating to evenly distribute heat. Allow the standing time recommended by the microwave manufacturer. Wrap cloth or towel around bottom of bottle and shake to absorb any excess water after warming in a bottle warmer or boiling water.

Important info
The MAM Microwave steam steriliser will hold:

6 x MAM Anti-Colic 160ml bottles
4 x MAM Anti-Colic 260ml bottle
5 x MAM 270ml Baby bottles
6 x MAM 330ml Baby bottles

Is Prescription Drug No
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