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Hedrin Treat & Go lotion 50ml

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Hedrin Lotion and Comb Kit for Stubborn Egg Removal - 50g

Hedrin Head Lice Detection Comb

Clinically tested for accuracy and comfort, Precision engineered for optimum performance
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The headrin lice detection comb has been especially designed for detecting lice. It has been clinically tested and is designed to ensure that is it accurate and comfortable to use.
The Comb is made from tough ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and the teeth are precision engineered so that they will trap the lice and not bend in use.

Headlice vary in size from a full stop to a sesame seed

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Choose a comfortable well-lit area.

Hair can either be dry or wet (use water or conditioner). Comb through the hair with an ordinary comb to get rid of any tangles.

Divide the hair into sections.

Gently insert the detection comb at the bottom of a section of hair with the logo facing the head and the comb almost parallel with the scalp so that the specially designed rounded ends of it’s teeth will glide over the scalp without scratching.

Comb lightly outwards for the whole length of the hair.

After each stroke wipe the comb with a tissue and examine any debris found.

Repeat this process over the whole scalp paying particular attention to the areas behind the ears, at the back of the neck and under the fringe.

You may find a magnifying glass helpful to check that what you have found is an insect rather than a flake of skin or dirt.

If you are using conditioner the comb may need rinsing during checking.

After use, wash the comb with clean soapy water and then thoroughly rinse and dry before storing in a dry place

Treatment should only be undertaken if live lice are found. It nits but no lice are found after thorough checking then these are likely to be from an old infection which is no longer current and treatment is not necessary.

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