Manicare Point Tweezers

Manicare Point Tweezers

Ever Ready Professional Hair Trimmer

Ever Ready Professional Hair Trimmer


For shaping, trimming, shortening and tapering your hair to get the perfect style for you.

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Ever Ready Professional Hair Trimmer


To shape the fringe, comb the hair forward, place the trimmer at the required length and cut with a downwards movement.


Hold hair taut and close to the head, using short, light downwards strokes cut the hair to the required length.


Hold section of the hair at the required length starting at the lower end of the section, cut upwards with a light action.


For smooth tapered ends, place trimmer on side of hair section approx 5cm from the head, move trimmer with a light to and fro action to create a feathered soft finish to the hair.

Always keep in a safe place and out of the reach of children.

Changing Blades: Place thumb against the tab on lower side of the head and push towards. Lie the new blade over the two clips on the head. Place the holes on the handle over the clips. Push firmly forwards to lock into place.

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