Dextro Energy Classic Flavour 47g

Dextro Energy Classic Flavour 47g

Dulcolax Dual Action 10 Tablets

Dulcolax 5mg Gastro Resistant Tablets - 10 Tablets

Dulcolax 5mg Gastro Resistant Tablets - 20 Tablets

With this pack of Dulcolax 5mg Gastro Resistant – 20 Tablets in your medicine cabinet, you’ll be able to alleviate constipation effectively whenever you need to.
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These reliable and efficient tablets contain Bisacodyl to coax your colon into working properly again. An innovative coating ensures that they will only begin to dissolve once they reach an alkaline environment, enabling them to target the colon accurately too.

Designed to be taken at bedtime, the Dulcolax 5mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets in this great value pack of 20 will get to work while you sleep, providing you with up to 12 hours of relief.

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Adults & Children over 10 years :

One to two tablets at night, or as directed by your doctor

New users should start with one tablet and increase to two if necessary

Tablets should be swallowed whole, with water, at night

Children under 10 years of age : Seek medical advice before taking Dulco-Lax Tablets

For bowel clearance before surgery or radiological investigation :

In hospital when patients are being prepared for surgery or radiological investigation Dulco-Lax Tablets 5mg are combined with suppositories in order to achieve complete bowel clearance.

Adults & Children over 10 years : Two to four tablets the night before and insert one 10mg suppository the following morning

For children 4-10 years of age : One tablet the night before and insert one 5mg suppository the following morning

These tablets have a special coating and so antacids (medicines which reduce stomach acidity) and milk products should not be taken within an hour before or after Dulco-Lax Tablets 5mg.

In the event of overdosage, consult a doctor immediately.


Each tablet contains : 5mg Bisacodyl as the active ingredient.

Also contains : Lactose, Maize Starch, Sucrose, Glycerol, Magnesium Stearate, Sucrose (approx 21mg per tablet), Talc, Acacia, Yellow Iron Oxide (E172), Titanium Dioxide (E171), Eudragit L, Eudragit S, Dibutyl Phthalate, Macrogol 6000, White Beeswax, Shellac and Carnauba Wax

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