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Fisherman's Friend Original 25g

Durex Comfort XL Condoms (14)

Durex Comfort XL Condoms (14)

Dulcolax 10 mg Suppositories

Dulcolax suppositories get to work almost immediately, providing relief in as little as 30 minutes.
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Dulcolax 10mg Suppositories provide fast and effective relief against constipation. Containing the laxative medication, bisacodyl, these suppositories get to work quickly, helping stimulate the large intestine and return your body rhythms to normal.

Unlike oral medications that take longer to work, these Dulcolax suppositories get to work almost immediately, providing relief in as little as 30 minutes.

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Adults and Children over 10 years: one 10mg suppository to be inserted into the rectum for immediate effect, or as directed by your doctor. For Children under 10 years use Dulcolax 5mg Suppositories for Children and consult a doctor before initial use.

Caution: If laxatives are needed for more than 5 days in a row or if you have persistent abdominal pain consult a doctor.

Dulcolax should be applied like any other anal suppositories. First, remove the foil wrapping from the suppository, before inserting into the anus as far as possible. For easier application, these suppositories have a pointed end to ease insertion. Make sure the suppository is touching the side of the bowel to allow for rapid absorption. Then, simply wait for the medicine to take effect.

Dulcolax is suitable for adults and children over the age of 10. For sufferers younger than this, seek a doctor's advice or specially targeted medication for children. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advised against taking suppositories. Those suffering from other intestinal and inflammatory conditions should seek advice from their doctor for other forms of treatment, or else they risk aggravating their existing symptoms further.

ingredients Each suppository contains 10mg Bisacodyl. Also contains hard fat.
Is Prescription Drug No
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