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Daktarin Antifungal Cream 15g

Daktarin Antifungal Cream 15g

Daktarin Medicated Powder 20g

Daktarin powder is used to treat infections of the skin which may appear on the hands, feet, outer ear, trunk or groin
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Medicated talc for fungal infections

Daktarin powder is used to treat infections of the skin which may appear on the hands, feet, outer ear, trunk or groin.  It is also used to treat nappy rash.

Daktarin works by destroying both the fungus and its spores as well as associated bacteria which may be present

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More Information

Wash the infected skin and dry it well

As many skin conditions are contagious, you should keep a towel and a flannel for your own use so that you do not infect anyone else.

Sprinke Daktarin powder onto the infected area and surrounding skin.  It may be used on broken skin and is particularly useful where a drying effect is required.  
The powder can also be dusted inside clothing which is in contact with the infected area.

Apply Daktarin powder to the affected area twice daily, e.g. at night and in the morning.  Relief from the symptoms may occur quickly but it is important that you continue to use Daktarin powder for 10 days after the symptoms have cleared to prevent them from coming back

Unless the infected skin is on your hands, wash your hands carefully after applying the powder to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of the body or to other people.

Similarly, clothing which comes into contact with the infected areas should be washed and changed frequently

Interaction Precautions :

Daktarin powder is usually well tolerated.  Occasionally, irritation of the skin may occur.  If the irritation is severe, stop using the powder and talk to your doctor

In rare cases, itching and redness following each application may indicate an allergy to the medicine

If the medicine affects you in any other way, you should tell your pharmacist or doctor 

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor

Do not use this powder :

For the treatment of nail or hair infections

If you think that you may have had an allergic reaction to any form of Daktarin (cream or powder), any of the inactive ingredients, or a similar antifungal in the past.  An allergic reaction may be recognised as a rash or itching at the site of infection which gets worse after applying Daktarin.

Accidental swallowing of Daktarin is normally harmless but you should contact your doctor as a precaution

If you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, or are breast feeding, you should talk to your doctor who will decide if you can use Daktarin powder.


For External Use only

Keep all medicines out of reach of children

Store at room temperature (below 25


Active Ingredient : Miconazole

Each gram of Daktarin powder contains 20mg of Miconazole Nitrate

The powder also contains the following inactive ingredients - Talc, Zinc Oxide and Silicon Dioxide

Is Prescription Drug No
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