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Care Potassium Citrate Mixture 200ml

For relief of the symptoms of cystitis and other minor urinary tract infections
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For relief of the symptoms of cystitis and other minor urinary tract infections

A solution for oral use for symptomatic relief of cystitis and other mild urinary tract infections. Potassium Citrate mixture makes the urine less acidic which reduces irritation when urinating

More Information
More Information

Shake the bottle

Adults, the elderly, children over 6 years :

Take 2 x 5ml spoonfuls well diluted with water, three times a day after meals, unless otherwise directed by the doctor

Children 1 to 6 years : Take 1 x 5ml spoonful as above

Do not use if you are : sensitive to any ingredient, have any kidney or heart condition including irregular heartbeat, have too much potassium in your blood, are suffering from Addison's disease or are pregnant or breast feeding except on the doctor's advice.

Ask your doctor before use if you are taking other medicine containing potassium or medicines which make you retain potassium in your body including those which make you pass water more frequently. Also if you are taking digoxin or digitoxin for a heart condition or nitrofurantoin for a urinary tract infection. Potassium citrate may affect the action of some other drugs.

If unsure consult the doctor for further advice.

Contains sucrose

Unsuitable for people with hereditary fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase-isomaltase deficiency.

Contains enthanol. It may be harmful for people with liver disease, epilepsy, brain injury/disease or those who are alcoholic. Potassium Citrate Mixture provides symptomatic relief from cystitis, it is not active against the bacteria which cause such infections. Your doctor may consider it necessary to prescribe a suitable antibiotic to be taken together with this product. Potassium Citrate increases the amount of calcium passed in the urine, this may lead to an increased risk of formation of stones in the urinary tract.
If you accidentally take too much see a doctor straight away. Do not use after the expiry date

Side effects :

Some people may experience side effects which are stomach upsets, nausea and vomiting. Excessive potassium in the blood may cause muscle weakness, irregular heart action and paralysis.

If you notice any of these or other side effects stop taking the product and tell your doctor or pharmacist


Keep all medicines away from children

Store below 25

ingredients Potassium Citrate BP 1.5g, Citric Acid Monohydrate (E330), Quilaia Tincture, Lemon Oil Terpeneless, Ethanol, Chloroform, Purified Water, Syrup (includes sucrose), Sucrose : 1.10g / 5ml, Alcohol : 0.9 vol%
Is Prescription Drug No
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