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Dec 2015 -

How to Maintain Healthy Hair this Winter


Once again, the summer months have flown by. Autumn has come and gone, and the frosty temperatures of winter have arrived! Whilst this means cosy nights on the sofa, and hot chocolates all round, it can also signify bad news for your hair.

The cold air saps the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, dull and lifeless. However, don’t cry into your hot chocolate just yet!

In this post we have some tips and tricks to maintain healthy hair this winter. They’ll keep your hair strong, and locked full of moisture - despite the cold weather.

And as a little bonus, we look at what hair colours will be popular this winter. So let’s begin:


Hair Products for Winter

One of the most important things you can do is to invest in the right hair products. These products will vary depending upon your hair-type.

And remember,in winter, you need products with extra moisture to keep hair hydrated. Take Total Beauty’s quiz to find the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

We’ve also created this winter hair care infographic. It explains the best way to take care of your hair in colder weather:

Winter Hair Care Infographic

For most hair types we recommend using a silicone-free shampoo and conditioner.

Now, I know you’re wondering, “Why silicone-free?”

Well, the silicone in your hair products will make your hair look shiny, but at a cost.

Silicone works by coating your hair with a shiny layer. But this thin layer stops your hair taking in any moisture.

So without this much needed moisture, you're left with dry hair that frays.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression, “looks can be deceiving” - this is certainly the case here!


Deep Conditioning

For further protection from the harsh effects of winter, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

This works particularly well for those with curly or dry hair.

A conditioning hair mask helps to rejuvenate and hydrate hair that has been ravaged by wind and frosty temperatures.

Snow and Trees

Source: Rachel Kramer

There are plenty of hair masks available to buy. But if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own using natural oils and fats.

Try following these simple home remedies.


Turn Down the Heat

As appealing as it may be, showering under a high heat can leave your scalp dry and flaky.

The contrast of heat and cold can strip the moisture from your hair and scalp. So in order to retain moisture, it’s best to shower in warm rather than hot water.

Hair Dryer

Source: Ryan McGuire

Similarly, heated appliances such as hair-dryers and straighteners can have a damaging effect.

The high temperatures cause the hair to break and fray. If you can’t do without, try to limit your usage to just a couple of times per week.

Furthermore, limiting your hair washes to two to three times a week will help to retain moisture and avoid dryness.

But most importantly, during winter, make sure you never leave the house with wet hair. The cold air will cause your hair to break and become brittle. Not a good look!


Brush with care

It’s important that you’re using a brush that won’t damage your hair. This is something that’s often overlooked.

Not just for the cold months, this is important all year round. But when it comes to winter, our hair is even more susceptible to damage.

Snow Tree

Source: Markito

A wide-toothed comb will run through your hair smoothly whilst detangling any knots. This is much gentler than a regular brush.

For those with curly hair, a double-set wide tooth comb will prevent frizz. It will also help to smooth through ringlets.

When tying your hair back, it’s best to use a loose hair band without metal. This creates less pressure, and stops any hairs from breaking.


Choosing your winter tone

In today’s society, trends are ever-changing and this includes our hair colours. Autumn was all about bronde and creamy tones, in contrast to the bleakness outside your window.

But winter is all about the warming tones of chocolate browns and blacks.

This natural look leaves lots of room for customisation, so you can choose the right tone for your complexion.

From chocolate brown to ebony; these warm tones leave hair looking healthy and radiant.


Source: Bert Kaufmann

Chocolate brown shades will nourish your hair leaving it a rich brown shade with luxurious texture.

Or, if you’re feeling bold, change up your look this winter by picking a soft black tone.

Shades such as L'Oreal Recital Preference 1.07 Florence Black darken your natural colour. This leaves your hair glossy and rich with colour - similar to Kim Kardashian!

So, if you’re switching up your look with a darker shade, or revamping your beauty cupboard with ultra-hydrating hair products

Remember one thing:

Make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your hair this winter. Not only will you look and feel great, but your hair will thank you for it!