1. The Great British Obesity Threat: Interactive Map

    Being labelled as the fat man of Europe is not one of the UK’s proudest moments, but, it’s time to accept some bitter home truths. We are currently facing a public health crisis with an estimated one in four British adults being classed as obese.

    The UK really is carrying extra weight for Europe with the highest levels of obesity, beating countries such as Germany, France and Spain.

    No wonder the NHS is under such strain as obesity and its consequences costs £5.1 billion a year. This is only going to increase. New reports suggest that this figure will double by 2030 to an estimated annual cost of £12 billion a year!

    With 30,000 deaths in adults

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  2. What is World Cancer Day? And how you can get Involved

    Every year, on the 4th  of February, the continents unite for World Cancer Day. Most people have known someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, and how stressful the experience can be for both the sufferer and the loved one.

    So charities fight all year round to raise awareness for this cause. But, on this day in particular, charities such as Cancer Research UK, UICC and many more strive to increase awareness.

    The charities all try to educate individuals about the disease, what you can do to help as an individual and how we can all help collectively.

    The World Cancer Day

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  3. Why Does Joint Pain Worsen During Winter?

    Your joints play a vital role in your body. They form the connection between your bones, manage your movement and support your weight. Therefore, when your joints struggle to perform as they should, you start to experience pain.

    This pain can be extremely debilitating, and for some it affects their ability to do daily activities. For most people this pain seems to intensify in winter.

    If you’re one of those people that suffers more in winter, keep reading!

    In this post we outline 3 reasons why your joint pain worsens in winter.

    So, what changes in winter?


    1. Temperature Change

    Whilst joint pain is not simply a seasonal problem, the frosty temperatures we face in winter often cause the pain in our joints to intensify. As temperatures drop, our bodies react by restricting the blood flow to our joints.

    This is because attention is placed on supporting fundamental organs such as t

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  4. Ask the Pharmacist: How Can I Relieve Joint Pain?


    Those who suffer with joint pain know just how debilitating and restricting it can be. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which you can ease and treat this pain.

    Whilst there are various prescription medications available, these should be taken following a consultation with your GP.

    Therefore, we asked our Head Pharmacist Jagdeesh Cheema for some tips and tricks on other ways in which we can all prevent and relieve joint pain.


    Hydrotherapy Treatment

    Hydrotherapy treatment involves the practice of particular exercises whilst immersed in a warm swimming pool.

    This is a relaxing yet effective treatment as the warm water alleviates the pressure on your joints, encourages blood flow around the body and stimulates endorphins. This helps to ease pain and relaxes the surrounding

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  5. How to Effectively Prevent & Treat Stomach Bugs in Children


    It’s highly likely that a stomach bug will affect you at some point in your life. Also known as gastroenteritis, they’re common in both adults and children.

    Your child can fall victim to a stomach bug at any time of the year, but they’re most prevalent in winter, especially in the first months of the year.

    When the weather takes a turn for the worse their immune system is more susceptible to infection.

    The severity of stomach bugs can range from slight upset and discomfort, to extreme sickness and dehydration.

    But the vast majority of cases can be treated through following simple, inexpensive steps at home.

    This post seeks to help you understand these dreaded tummy bugs. And we will be looking at the best ways to treat and prevent them in children.


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  6. How Do Nicotine Patches Work?

    Trying to stop smoking is a challenge faced by thousands of Britons every year, and with there being about 10 million adult cigarette smokers in Great Britain it’s not a surprise that so many of you want to kick the habit.

    We know how hard it can be to put down the cigarettes and stop smoking, so in the following post we try and make giving up smoking less stressful for you.

    We will look at how you can join the Stoptober campaign, what nicotine replacement therapies are and how nicotine patches work:

    Stoptober 2015

    If you’ve been thinking about stopping smoking for a while there is no time like the present to give up. Stoptober is coming up next month and for those of you who aren’t aware of what this initiative is; here is a quick outline:

    Stoptober is a Public Health England campaign that encourages smokers to stop smoking for 28 days during October.

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