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Apr 2015 -

Beauty - Hair Care Tips for this Spring

Seeing Red: Rock a New Colour This Spring

Spring is the time for new life. Flowers are bursting from the ground, the sun is shining and the world is turning from grey to green. You’re glowing and full of possibilities, and you want your hair to reflect that. It’s time to set aside your tired old hair colour and dive into something new and exciting, and what could be more exciting than the perfect shade of red? Passionate and exuberant, red hair is the perfect start to a new adventure.

Red hair stands out, and it’s never boring. Do you have what it takes to carry it off? If you’re confident and you love the look, then all you need to do is choose the right red. Today’s high quality hair colours can work for any starting shade and any skin tone, but not every shade of red will work equally well for every woman. Fortunately, the choices are vast. From light yellowish-orange to dark blue-red, there are colours, textures and highlights galore.

Natural Red Hair Colours

Natural redheads have hair that’s on the orange side of red, ranging from strawberry blond through brash copper to auburn. People with naturally red hair usually have very fair skin, but natural-looking shades of red can look good on women with olive skin and darker skin, as well. Just be careful to choose a red that will not reinforce ruddiness if your skin has a pinkish cast or sallowness if it has strong yellow undertones. The best way to judge is by looking at the shades of red you’re considering against your skin tone; do you like the way the colour makes your skin look?

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Beauty - Hair care tips for Spring Beauty - Hair care tips for Spring by Allcures

 Light Red Hair Colours

Light red hair colours can look good on darker haired women who want a dramatic change in their look, but they’re easiest to apply and most natural-looking on people with light hair and light skin. The best thing about strawberry blonds and light coppery shades is the ease of creating an interesting texture or complex tone. From ombre to streaks to layered colour, there’s so much you can do once you’ve established a light red base. The effect can be striking, cool or sophisticated.

Copper Red Hair Colours

Copper is an up and coming colour this year, and if you’re excited by the fresh coppery shades that are gaining ground in decorating and fashion, then you might love the colour even more in your hair. Medium to dark copper hair colours can look great on anyone, and they tend to harmonise with skin tones rather than creating a conspicuous contrast. Copper is the obvious choice for those with a pinkish skin tone, but there’s a great-looking shade of copper hair colour for almost everyone.

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Primary Red Hair Colours

Red is a primary colour and bright, true red, like cranberry juice or a red pen, is a striking look. It’s Jessica Rabbit glamourous, Cyndi Lauper funky and Rihanna cool. Very few people with medium to dark skin have naturally red hair, and primary red hair colours look fantastic and are not meant to be subtle or natural-looking. Think shiny, bright and saturated: this type of colour is bold and confident.

Dark Red Hair Colours

Dark red hair colours and highlights are ideal for women who have naturally dark hair and want a more subtle look. They rarely require a clean slate; it’s not necessary to wash out the natural colour in order to give it red tips, red highlights or a red tint. This is a rich, elegant look that can brighten up your face and add a touch of fun. Naturally dark hair gains depth and excitement when it's tinted a rich dark auburn, raspberry or even purple-red.

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If you’re not colouring your hair now, then don’t hesitate to make the move to red. A high quality hair colour can actually improve your hair’s texture and shine. This spring, take control, take care of your hair colour and rock a fabulous new shade of red.

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