Blonde Hair Ideas for Summer

Deciding to go blonde can be a tough decision, and it’s not until you take the plunge that you’ll truly know if you suit light-coloured hair. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you see if blonde is the right hair colour for you this summer. But don’t worry if it isn’t – we offer some great alternatives!

This summer it's time to go blonde.

Are you loving spring's warm, sunny days? Summer is almost here, you’re already feeling freer, and you are planning to get out onto the beach and enjoy every ray of sun this year. You’re picking up a few of the latest fashions, so maybe it’s time to reconsider your whole look. If you’re sick of the same old hair colour and cut, then why not go blond this summer?

Blonde hair tells the world that you want to shine out and seize the day. It might be a natural-looking choice for you, or it might be a daring change. Either way, you may find you’ll have more fun this summer as a blond, so give Garnier Belle Color Light Ash Blonde 9.1 a try.

Would You Be a Natural-Looking Blonde?

When it comes to natural-looking blonde hair, there are a few well-known rules of thumb. If your hair was blonde when you were a child, your skin is light and your eyes are blue, green or grey, then you are more likely to look natural as a blonde. Blonde hair is most common in Northern and Eastern Europe, so your blonde hair will be more convincing if your skin and features fit that look.

However, dark, golden skin can look good with the right shade of blonde: it’s simply less likely to look natural. Is a natural look important to you? It may not be; there are so many ways to have fun with your appearance, and they don’t need to appear accidental in order to be stunning. Sometimes, making an obviously bold move will give you exactly the image you want.

Warm Blonde and Cool Blonde

If your skin colour is on the cooler part of the spectrum, with pink and blue undertones dominating, then cool blo

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