Seeing Red: Rock a New Colour This Spring

Spring is the time for new life. Flowers are bursting from the ground, the sun is shining and the world is turning from grey to green. You’re glowing and full of possibilities, and you want your hair to reflect that. It’s time to set aside your tired old hair colour and dive into something new and exciting, and what could be more exciting than the perfect shade of red? Passionate and exuberant, red hair is the perfect start to a new adventure.

Red hair stands out, and it’s never boring. Do you have what it takes to carry it off? If you’re confident and you love the look, then all you need to do is choose the right red. Today’s high quality hair colours can work for any starting shade and any skin tone, but not every shade of red will work equally well for every woman. Fortunately, the choices are vast. From light yellowish-orange to dark blue-red, there are colours, textures and highlights galore.


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