Bazuka Gel Extra Strength Max 6g

Bazuka Gel Extra Strength Max 6g

Beckham Eau De Toilette Spray For Him Instinct 75ml

Beckham Eau De Toilette Spray For Him Instinct 75ml

Bazuka Sub-Zero Extra Strength 50ml

Wart and Verruca remover Freezes with one application
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Bazuka Sub-Zero - Removes Warts And Verruca

- Freezes with one application
- Fast to use, and effective
- Secure delivery system
- Sufficient for twelve applications

Based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors

Bazuka Sub-Zero is a "freezing" wart and verruca removal method used by doctors. It is an effective freezing device for removing common warts and verrucas in the convenience of your own home. It works by quickly freezing the wart or verruca, causing it to fall off, often within a couple of weeks or so of freezing, leaving normal skin underneath.

More Information
More Information

Very Important

Do not use this product without first reading the full instructions in the enclosed information leaflet very carefully, and until you have familiarized yourself with the correct assembly, operation and use of the freeze device.

Simple three stage freezing method

1. Assemble device
2. Use safety cap to "charge" foam applicator with the freezing agent.
3. Gently apply freezer to the wart of verruca - only for a matter of seconds.

Warnings & Side Effects

As with all freezing methods, this treatment is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. When the frozen area thaws, it may turn red, and the discomfort should fade quite quickly, disappearing after a few hours. If used incorrectly, excessive freezing can cause permanent injury such as scarring or even damage to the nerves and tendons.

Because this treatment can be quite painful, it is not suitable for everybody. If used on children it must be operated by an adult.

Do not use:

- On children under 4
- If you are pregnant or breast feeding
- If you are diabetic


This pack contains

- A pressurized aerosol can containing the freezing agent which is a liquid mixture of dimethyl ether, propane and isobutene.
- 12 disposable foam applicators (sufficient for 12 freeze applications)
- A special safety cap/actuator
- An instruction leaflet

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