Balance Instant Effect Wrinkle Filler 50ml

Balance Instant Effect Wrinkle Filler 50ml

Bazuka Gel Extra Strength 5g

Bazuka Gel Extra Strength 5g

Bazuka Gel 5g

Designed to inhibit spread of the verruca/wart infection.
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Uniquely formulated, clinically proven treatment.

Dries to form a water-resistant, protective barrier.

Designed to inhibit spread of the verruca/wart infection.

No plasters necessary.

Simple, once-daily application.

For the treatment of verrucas, warts, corns and calluses.

This tube contains 5g of the gel. The ingredients work together to break down and remove verruca, warts corns and calluses

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Before initial use it will be necessary to pierce the membrane seal in the neck of the tube. To do this, you should find a suitable surface, in case of accidental spillage. Hold the tube upright, with the cap uppermost and the base resting on a suitable firm surface. Unscrew and remove the combined white and green nozzle/cap assembly from the tube. Remove the red collar and throw it away. Keep the tube upright for 30 seconds. Then, without squeezing or over-gripping the tube, and with it still held upright and well away from your face:

Replace the combined white and green nozzle/cap assembley onto the screw thread of the tube (taking care to avoid cross-threading) and tighten the assembly firmly to pierce the membrane.

Briefly loosen the green cap (to release any slight pressure in the tube) and then retighten.

Please note that, once in place, a small gap will remain between the base of the nozzle/cap and the top of the tube).

You should apply bazuka gel to your verruca, wart, corn and callus, once every day, usually in the evening. Repeat the following daily treatment routine until your verruca, wart, corn and callus has disappeared.

Soak the affected area in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes.

Dry the area thoroughly with your own towel (to avoid crossinfection).

Remove the protective green cap, leaving the white nozzle attached to the tube. Carefully apply one or two drops of the gel to the top of the verruca, wart, corn or callus, and allow it to dry for a few minutes to form a small white patch which sticks to the skin and is water-resistent. There is no need to cover it with a sticking plaster. Take care to avoid the gel spreading onto surrounding healthy skin, as this may cause inflammation. Do not apply excessively. Always replace the protective green cap after use. Do not fold the tube during use.

Every evening for the next week, carefully peel or pick off the white patch of dried gel from the verruca, wart, corn or callus. Apply fresh gel by repeating steps 1 to 3. Occassionally, if removal of the white patch proves difficult, carefully re-apply the gel directly over it and allow to dry. This should help thicken the white patch to assist removal. If necessary, such re-application may be made on 2 or 3 successive days.

Once every week, before aplying fresh gel, gently rub the verruca, wart, corn or callus with the emery board provided, or with a pumice stone. Whatever you use, in the case of a verruca or wart, remember not to let anyone else use it, or they could get a verruca or wart as well.

The length of the treatment will vary according to the resistance and size of the verruca, wart, corn or callus. Some may be resolved in a relatively short time but successful treatment of certain verrucas and warts can sometimes take upto 12 weeks, so you must continue and not give up until the verruca, wart, corn or callus has disappeared (unless irritation occurs).

At the end of treatment, if the white patch is difficult to remove, it may be allowed to remain on the skin until it sheds.

Drug Interaction Procedure

Do not use any where on or near your face, neck, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) regions.

Do not use on birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots. If in doubt as to whether you have a verruca, wart, corn, or callus, consult your doctor before treatment.

Do not use if you are diabetic or suffer from poor blood circulation to your hands or feet.

Do not use if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Do not use on broken skin.

For Your Safety

This gel is for application to the skin only. Keep it away from your eyes, nose and mouth, and from cuts and grazes.

Take care not to apply any of the gel to surrounding normal skin, especially in the case of children's delicate skin. If accidental spreading occurs, immediately remove surplus gel with a tissue.

If the gel is accidentally swallowed, or if it gets into the eyes, contact a doctor or a hospital straight away.

Avoid inhaling the vapour from this product as it can be harmful.

Do not get bazuka gel on your clothes, jewellery, fabrics or furniture as it may damage them.

Do not apply bazuka gel in proximity to open flames or near burning cigarettes.


While bazuka gel is working, you may feel a slight singling sensation and/or some mild tenderness. This is normal and only temporary. If you feel undue pain or experience irritation, stop the treatment and ask your doctor for advice. If you accidentally apply bazuka gel to normal skin, wipe it off straight away with a tissue, and, if necessary, wash the area. There should be no other ill-effects when using bazuka gel, but if you are in any doubt about your treatment you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

ingredients Sacyclic acid EP 12.0% w.w, Lactic Acid BP 4.0% w/w, Camphor BP, Pyroxylin BP, Ethanol BP, Ethyl Acetate.
Is Prescription Drug No
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